To form Nicecast for SHOUTcast MAC

If accounts with an insurance computer MAC this tutorial will be of your interest since you will be able to form your signal streaming of audio contracted in Crearchile and to transmit the 24 hours of the day from your MAC


1.) To unload and to install Nicecast. You can unload the gratuitous version or buy a license. If you have problems to unload this program you can be contacted with us and we will make you arrive a direct link for his gratuitous unloading (Only active clients of the Streaming service of audio in Crearchile)


2.) Once it has installed and Nicecast initiate, it selects from the main menu Window – Server Show, where you will have to mainly place the parameters sent by our company, IP, Port and password being been of the following way:



3.) To select the called eyelash “Info” and to place the data of your radio transmitter online, for example: Name, URL, Sort, among others:


4. - In the called eyelash “Quatily” you will be able to change the quality of transmission of your transmitter, this factor will depend on the plan that you have contracted in Crearchile (For example 128 Kbps)


5. - Finally to click in “Start Broadcast” and you will be transmitting. If everything has been formed correctly you will see an image as the following one:



Tutorial created by Crearchile for Streaming clients of audio