The signal is cut into or it falls

problems Internet


This problem is due to a variety of reasons that to the end indicates that the channel that uses to raise to the signal this congested one. These possible problems can be (but not to limit itself):


1- You this raising the signal with a stop possibly try, instead of 80kbs or 96kps, this raising 128kbs or 192kbs, the servant ours is not the one that cuts the signal, is the size of the signal that you this raising the one that this causing to problems of listening to its clients then its channel does not reach to raise that signal, and cut yourself to him.

A signal of approximately 192kbs will consume basically all the channel of a movable client and will cause that it is listened to bad. It remembers that all that will listen to the signal will not be by means of ADSL or Cable of high speed but many will use their plans of movable data and possibly will be sailing in other places at the same time within the device.


2- You this transmitting several different signals to (or the same) places. It remembers that each signal will consume a space in its channel, if you transmit to 2 or 3 different places must add deals with all those places and to verify that the channel reaches to him. (To verify connection of ascent of its connection Internet and to compare)


3- You have some virus or Trojan in his computer, which causes that this that bad program is consuming its Internet and bandwidth. He reviews his PC against Trojans, virus, spywares, etc.


4- You this lowering program (or raising) from (or towards) Internet. Perhaps some system P2P of interchange of archives, that can be congesting the transmission channel.


5- Perhaps its supplier of Internet can have problems in the connection in short whiles, are wireless connections, could be an important factor, which causes that its signal does not arrive sufficiently fast at the servant. Swiss changing or calling to the supplier of Internet can advise it in this point. Probably lowering her quality of she deals with transmission will help him to control to that problem of the supplier.


These are some of the reasons, if it pays attention are all regarding the channel of Internet, please always tries to maintain it clean.