Movable Compatibility?

It is important that its transmitter propagates in different platforms and still more where every day an increase of cell phones in our country takes place and the movable compatibility becomes essential in its radius contracted in Crearchile, thus we have created this tutorial that explains the two forms that we must at the moment to provide solution to this requirement for our clients.



The first simpler option and is to ask for a reproducer in format HTML5 by means of
Once completed the required form a code HTML would arrive to him at its email that will have to place in its page and will have to form its program of emission by means of format MP3


Applying to this form the auditors they will be able to directly listen to his radius from the reproducer in his webpage. The only limitation is that this compatibility considers the last mobile phones existing of the market.



If the first form has not given positive results in the tests realised in movable devices we offer customized connections, where when entering the data of their transmitter in our system will give a ready code to be used in their Web.


Applying to this form the auditors they will enter its website and they will find some icons of mobile phones, where they will have to select the image adapted according to their device (IOS or Android) and will begin to directly sound the radio signal from the music player that she has installed the cellular one.


For his correct operation the client will have to form his program of emission under the Aacplus format and will have to wait for 24 hours for the propagation once asked for the connections by means of the platform.



He is possible to indicate that the movable compatibility that it offers Crearchile is a complementary service to contracted the Streaming signal and it does not receive itself additional by this service. Thus we cannot guarantee that it works correctly in all the existing devices (models and characteristics), but we worried that they work in the new devices that are appearing and arriving at Chile