To form Sam Broadcaster Shoutcast

These are the steps to form SAM Broadcaster and power to transmit correctly with the servers Streaming de Crearchile.

1. - First we installed and we initiated the program SAM to broadcaster (We recommended to initiate it to complete window to be able to see all the options available)

2. - Then, we will add an inner window called “Encoders” for it we will go away to the menu superior and will click in “Windows” >> “Encoders”:



We can see that the window “Encoders” now appears next to the rest of the windows:



3. - Now we will click in icon “+” in the window “Encoders” that we finished adding:



4. - Where a new window will be opened and will select to the option “mp3PRO or AACPLUS” and will click in “OK”:



5. - The following step will be to form the quality of transmission of the signal according to the contracted thing:



6. - Next we will click in the eyelash “Server Details”:




7. - In the eyelash “Server details” we must form the following fields:

We must select the option of Shoutcast or icecast depends on the servant acquired in Crearchile:

NOTE: We must form these fields with the “data of emission” that they appear in the e-mail that arrived at the time of activating the signal.

Server IP: Here we must form host that appears us in the “Data of emission” in our e-mail (Servant, Server or IP).

Server port: Here we must put the port that comes us in the e-mail specified in the section from “Data from emission”

Password: Here we must put the password that appears to us in “Data of emission” in the e-mail.

Once filled up these fields we will click in “OK”.



8. - Now from SAM to broadcaster to initiate the connection we will click in the icon of “play” (observed in the image):



We can see that streaming has begun in the window “Encoders” and are emitting.

In the window “Deck To” we can see the song that this then reproducing and in the window of “Queue” the list of songs in tail:



With these simple steps we will be transmitting via Streaming with the Sam Broadcaster program and the servers of Crearchile.