To transmit radio Online with BUTT



In this opportunity we will teach to form his radius online of simple way, using a called Program Butt which will be the one in charge to send its contents of audio from its computer to the servers of Crearchile for its later propagation (Auditors).


The first step to realise is the unloading of the program, that later we must install in our computer, we left the connections for its storage according to our operating system:



Secondly it must by hand have the data of accesses of his Audio Streaming signal, as: IP, Port and Password, can find them in the Email of activation of its signal of radio. (In case of still not having contracted to a service streaming Click Here)


Explanatory video:


Any doubt that appears with this manual can open a help ticket from the Clients Area and with taste we will help him:

Name of the tutorial: To transmit radio Online with BUTT