To form Virtual Dj Audio Streaming

In this Tutorial we will teach to form Virtual program DJ to be able to transmit with our services streaming (If not yet it counts on Streaming in Crearchile can review our plans here)



1. - Once installed the program we go away to the eyelash “Record” and selected “To emit”




2. - Once pressed the button “to emit” a new window will be opened and will have to form the following options:

Master: It selects this option that if it only wants to transmit music in his signal.
Master + Mic: It selects this option if it wants to use a microphone in his transmission
Start car: It selects this option so that the signal automatically connects when opening the Virtual DJ
Format: Shoutcast (Obligatory)


Shoutcast configuration


3. - Description of parameters to connect its computer with Virtual DJ to our servers:

Server: It is the IP or URL given at the time of activating his signal (Email of activation)
Port: Port assigned to its signal (4 Numbers)
Yam: Name of its radius (Optional)
Password: Password of its transmission
Genre: Sort of its radius (Optional)



To initiate the Radio

Finally once entered the parameters and pressed button “OK” we pressed in “Start Record”.
If everything is correct will have to appear to us a chronometer advancing and the message “Broadcasting On”




In case of presenting some disadvantage at the time of forming its signal with Virtual DJ we invited to open it an attention ticket from the Clients Area where our equipment of the technical area will help him to form its emission without additional cost.