To form DJ Manager in WhmSonic

Next it will find the help necessary to form accounts of DJS in his radio transmitter, the advantage that has this system is that it allows to give access data separately to the people who can connect and transmit in their radius online.


1. - To enter the Control Panel and search Dj Manager

Note: Before making this step some song must raise in the servant




2. - We created the DJS accounts that we need (Can be more than one)

Note: Whenever it is added an account is recommended to reinitiate the radio servant




- The port assigns it the served one automatically.

– Password and “Add” must enter soon usuary and (To add a new user)

Finally in his program of emission it must place:
IP or servant: The given one by Crearchile at the time of activating his señalPuerto: The given one by Dj Manager
Password: It would be: Usuario1: Contraseña1

With these simple steps you would have to be able to form his accounts in Dj Manager, in case of presenting some doubt or disadvantage favor of opening an attention ticket from the Clients Area: