To form Autodj with Centovacast


Unloading of Software

1- First that we must do it is to lower following program FTP (FileZilla) from the following connection:

Installation of Software

2- To install Program FTP in its computer (Configuration by defect).

Configuration of Software

3- To form Program FTP:

Host or Servidor: IP or URL given at the time of activating its signal (Email of Activation)

Servertype: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Logontype: Normal

User: Name of User of its panel of CentovaCast.

Password: Password of its panel of CentovaCast.

Port: 21 (Always he is the same)

To raise music the Servant

4- To raise or to drag the songs within “the average” folder.

5- Within the Panel of CentovaCast, to verify that “Start Server or Inicio Servant” This pressing.

To form Playlist

6- From the Menu “Playlists”, To press in “Create playlist to you”.


7- The Following Information enters:

a) Title: Name of the reproduction list.

b) It activates from: The initial Hour enters, in which it wishes to run the AutoDJ.

c) It activates until: The final Hour enters, in which it wishes to stop the AutoDJ.

8- In the part inferior, library presses “average Update”. It hopes to that it loaded the Green bar and soon presses in Return (This can take several minutes, following the amount of songs that has raised).

To select Music in Playlist

9- Soon It presses in “Average” in Autodj and drags the songs to the created PlayList.


To activate Autodj

10- Finally we must catch the Autodj pressing Play, if everything is correct will have to appear the following image.


11- Ready! With these steps its Autodj will be encontratará running and the musical subjects within the rank of time entered in step 7 would be listened to.