To transmit Radio Online with Zara Radio


Several clients have asked the compatibility to us of this program to transmit streaming of audio by means of Internet, although it is certain that she does not count on a compatible configuration with shoutcast exist other methods to be able to transmit his signal of audio with this program.


1. - First that we must do he is to unload and to install Zara Radio in his computer of emission (gratuitous version of payment Exists or and can be unloaded in link


2. - Additionally Winamp + Shoutcast DSP will be due to install, can find a complete tutorial on this tool in:


3. - Once opened both programs (Winamp more Plugins DSP and Zara Radio) we followed the following steps:


In the section “Input” (Plugins DSP Winamp) it places the following parámtros:
– Input Device, selects the option: SoundCard Input (Line of entrance of its card of Sound)
– Input Settings, to select the option: 44100 Hertz Stereo
– Click in the button: OpenMixer (one will open two windows)
– To close the window that says: Gain control and to opposite leave to the window Control of Recording.
– To select the option: StereoMix (or mixer) (Mixture stere) and to raise the volume to the maximum



4. - Once realised these configurations, it must enter Zara Radio and begin to make radio and to transmit.



– To activate or to deactivate plugins of Shoutcast it must open the Winamp program and press CTRL+” P” and soon from the menu in the section “Plug-ins/“DSP/Effect” to select: “Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v.1.8.2b [dsp_sc.dll]” to activate it or (none) to deactivate it.


– To once transmit open the window of Shoutcast, the square “Output” is selected and finally the button “Connect” is pressed


– Connect AT Startup serves so that when winamp is opened, automatically it is connected to the servant of streaming, is recommendable to activate this option.


– It must consider that at any moment will need to have open Winamp and Shoutcast so that the radio is in line.