To transmit Radio Online with MAC

In this opportunity we will teach to transmit one radio online using a special program called “compatible Butt” with his APPLE computer (iMac for example, Po to wer Mac, Book, etc.) with OSX, the definition of this program is described next:

Butt is a simple program that allows to send sound from the sound card towards a Shoutcast servant. In addition it allows to record the audio one that is emitted in a file MP3. It has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is released under license GLP which means that it can be used and be modified to his preference.

1. - We unloaded and we installed the program, this can unloaded from the following link: to execute the program we click in the button configuration




2. - Soon we selected the device of audio (Entered) that we wished to use to transmit route online




3. - In the section “Servant” we click in Agregar (ADD)




4. - According to the data of accesses sent by us (IP, Port and password):

- In the window” to add servant” it sections: Shoutcast or Icecast (According to contracted plan)
- In the section “Name” writes the name of its transmitter (Anyone)
- The section “Direction” must enter the IP or URL Servant given by Crearchile
- The section “Port” enters the Port of its signal
- The section “Password” enters its Streaming password
Finally click in Keeping




5. - Optionally it can form the section “Stream Info” where it will be able to modify the parameters that wish to visualize in their signal as: Name of radio, URL, Sort, ETC (It is optional east step)


6. - Only we would need to form the quality of audio that we needed to transmit (According to plan contracted in Crearchile)

– Terminal velocity: 128 Kbps
- A frequency of sampling of the sequence introduces. (This he will be 44100Hz)
- In the section of “selection of channels” stere or monkey.
- In the section “Codec” selects Mp3
- We kept configuration




7. - Connecting the servant

Once all the adjustments have been introduced simply clicks in the button ‘To reproduce’ of the main window of the Butt coder.




If all the values have been introduced correctly, now it would have to be connected! The details are in the information window. If the information window sample simply does not click in the button of “information” in Configuration. When it has finished simply clicks in the button “To stop” and to close the coder.