To form Winamp and Shoutcast V2 for Audio Streaming

To form Winamp and Shoutcast V2 only delays a pair of minutes and today we will explain step by step as to carry out this task with our Audio Streaming service managing to connect its signal of radio online and allowing to be listened in fluid form by everybody.


To form Winamp and Shoutcast


1. - First that we must do it is to unload and to install Winamp program (Click To unload Winamp Here) and soon we unloaded and we installed the Plugins Shoutcast (Click to unload the Plugins Here). Once finished the installation we will be able to come To form Winamp and Shoutcast V2

2. - Once initiated the program right click of mouse on winamp and we selected: Options – Preferences (Where a new window will be opened)

3. - We soon selected to DSP/efecto and double click in Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP v2.3.2 (Where one third window will be opened)



4. - Once unfolded the window “Nullsoft Shoutcast Source” to click in called eyelash superior: Exit and to enter the following parameters of connection To form Winamp and Shoutcast:

Direction of the servant = must also enter Radio IP or call direction of the servant who is in his email of activation of Audio the Streaming service
Port = must place the number of the port that was assigned to him at the time of activating the service
Password = must enter password that was given by Crearchile in the activation email


5. - Once entered the correct data (IP, Port and password) to give click in “Directory” to form name, URL or sort of their radius, these data are optional and can be filled up as it considers advisable.

6. - In the eyelash “Coder” the transmission format that can be MP3 or AAC (Both compatible ones with our services Streaming de Audio) and in “Preferences of Coder” must select the quality contracted in Crearchile. For example: “128kbps, 44.100kHz, Stereo”.


Important: The use of qualities superiors to the contracted ones could cause you cut in their transmission or its account could be suspended in automatic form.


7. - In the called eyelash superior “Entrance” can choose one of the following options:
A) If it wishes to transmit music from Winamp (MP3): It selects the option “Winamp”
B) If it wishes to transmit live or from an audio source of external (Table of sound) It selects the name of his source of entrance for example “Soundcard Input”.


8. - Once it has been managed To form Winamp and Shoutcast V2 with all the parameters previously described is moment for proving the connection for this must begin to reproduce a song with winamp and clicks in connecting (Name of Eyelash: Exit)




Recommendation: If it wants that its radius is connected automatically when it only initiates winamp must select: Car To connect.


Title: To form Winamp and Shoutcast